This week Jenny’s General English advanced class have been writing some short articles asking the question: “Why?”

The students developed their own questions on topics that interest them and then argued their case. Here are a couple of our favourites about money in football and the Nobel Prize for literature.

Do you agree with their thoughts?


Why Liverpool FC are going to win the Champions League

More and more people are thinking that nowadays football is all about money. But we can prove the opposite is true, for example last year Leicester City did the impossible. They won the Barclays Premier League and we can say that it was not about the money because if we compare their budget with the other teams in the championship like Manchester City, Manchester United etc, or Chelsea, this clearly isn’t the case.

In this case it’s not about money but the team’s confidence, and we saw that at the moment Liverpool were so confident after the game they won 4-0 against Arsenal. Liverpool are in good form and if they continue like this they’ll be able to win the Barclay’s Premier League and why not the Champions League too?

Every team who qualifies for the Champions League has its own chance to win. Of course for some teams the chance is bigger but sometimes unbelievable events can, and do, happen. When a team is confident, like Liverpool at the moment, nothing is impossible and they have to believe in their dreams, because who knows? Probably nobody, not even the most popular people in the football world know, but next year something incredible will happen. Liverpool football club are going to be the next Champions League winners.


Why is football all about money nowadays?

 Nowadays football is all about money. Clubs are spending a lot on players during the transfer window. It’s ridiculous to buy somebody for 200 million Euros. Unfortunately, the pleasure of playing football isn’t here anymore, somebody admitted in a famous English newspaper that he was playing only for the money and nothing else. The big problem is that when one country like China or Saudi Arabia is the owner of a club and they spend lots of money on buying players and it devalues football.

Clubs receive a big amount from TV deals because they make long term contracts. You have another big problem in football, normally, you have a regulatory body which checks if money is correctly spent by the club. This department is called ‘financial fair-play’. In my opinion, football is not very pleasant to watch when it is all about money. I prefer it when there is a big connection between the fans and the players. 


Why did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize?

There will be some people who doubt Bob Dylan deserves to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is a controversial topic because Bob Dylan was the first songwriter to win the Nobel Prize, but someone always has to be first.

Perhaps people complaining about his Nobel Prize win either can’t understand his work or they think only a novelist deserves this kind of award.

First of all, Bob Dylan is not an average lyricist, he is a real poet. In his work the words and music cannot be separated they make one feel a deep resonance.

So, why can’t song lyrics be a type of literature? After all, the times (they) are (a) changing, and music can transmit real emotions. Some of Bon Dylan’s songs are pure poetry, you just have to listen to ‘Masters of War’, ‘Tangled up In Blue’ or ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ to appreciate the quality of his literary work.

Although several literary writers have complained about Bob Dylan’s right to win, I tell myself “Don’t think twice, it’s alright!”


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