One of our student ambassadors, Carla, gives us her top tips on managing your money while you are studying in Liverpool…

When I was planning my trip to Liverpool I had many doubts about how I could manage my money. I’m from the European Community (Spain) so my main currency is the euro (€). As you know, in the UK the usual currency is the pound (£), so I needed to find a way to change my money with the lowest exchange rate and withdraw money without any commission.

One friend recommended Revolut to me, and this mobile application saved my life! Revolut is a multi-currency MasterCard (you can have one account with balances in different currencies). It has many features, but for me the most important is the possibility of having your balance in a given currency (for example, euros) and making purchases in other currencies (for example, pounds) with the best exchange rates.

Revolut is a prepaid card, and that means you need to top-up your account before you are able to use the card. But don’t worry, because if there’s money left at the end of your experience in Liverpool, you can easily transfer it back to your bank account, and most importantly, without fees! It is also important to note that you don’t have to pay any annuity fee in order to have the card.

There are additional features such as: you can create a British bank account in 2 seconds without fees, you can receive a salary and pay bills with this account and you can use this card in any establishment that accepts Visa and MasterCard.

You only need to download the application and start using it!