We had our first charity event of the year on 19th March. The quiz night was organized to raise money for Change a Child’s Life charity. Over 40 quizzers, students and staff took part in the fun. With a drum roll from everyone, our quiz master, Bambi, started the night! First round – general knowledge!

Questions of various difficulty were designed and we saw a lot of brains working overtime. Some participants were very determined to answer them all!

Everyone gathered close for round 4 – ‘Bring me this item’. Teams had to act fast to bring the quizmaster the item asked for! If you want to make a room full of people laugh endlessly, this is the best way! There was strong competition from all corners and, somehow, no casualties as everyone battled their way with the required items to the quizmaster!




Creativity was everything for the plasticine round! Having to keep silent was the tricky part, as each item participants had to mold out of the plasticine had to be guessed by the creation of the chosen team member!  Surprisingly enough, all the teams were very quick at this round and they had to queue up to get the next item’s name!




Whilst the room was full of different nationalities and we had a strong connection to the big world out there… it was time to test how much of that world we were familiar with! It was great to see how some team members were very knowledgeable at this round which indicates how much they love travelling and discovering new places.

A simple question, “An ostrich’s eye is smaller than its brain. True or false?” and the quizzers were off! Sure, the questions might have got a bit silly but at least there was a 50/50 chance of guessing right! As the quiz neared the end, the score board was being updated and the tension was high in the room! It was becoming clear to many who was in the lead and who was last… but little did they know we had left the fun until last!





For a very generous bunch of added points, the hula hoop round made all the difference to the final scores! So, I guess the moral of this story is that brains can only get you so far in life… but for a chance to win, you’ve got to be willing to be a little silly too!



Finally, our charity raffle winners were announced. The Gucci gift set, LFC Legend’s stadium tour voucher and others, went home with their new owners and the quiz winners proudly took their shiny medals with them.


We raised £305 in total for the charity, thanks to anyone who donated and took part in our quiz night.

Much love from team LiverpoolSE.