The New Year is a time for resolutions. It is a time of reflecting on the achievements of the previous year and deciding what new things we can achieve in the year to come. In 2018, hundreds of students attended the Liverpool School of English to improve their English and from their feedback, they were pleased that they did! Let us introduce you to some of our students who made learning English one of their 2018 resolutions and have every reason to be very proud of themselves!

Gulcin from Turkey was a great student and asset to the school. She not only worked hard in her studies but became a LSE Student Ambassador so that she could help other students too! She reflected on her experience:

“I am always interested in foreign languages especially English which is the most common language… Maybe I can’t say I am fluent at all but I can say I understand people reactions, jokes, read books in original language without translate and watch movies with actor’s real voice! Understanding these kind of things and getting know about a different culture gives you a new vision.”

Mehdi from Switzerland started in a General English class and finished his time studying on a Cambridge Exam course. He felt that his time studying English was beneficial in many ways and told us:

“Learning English was an excellent option because it’s an international language that’s important to master!”

“Even if French is nicer than English, I would highly recommend everyone to improve his level in English! Nowadays, it’s simply fundamental: for travelling, job options, etc…It would offer you a huge array of opportunities for your future!”

“It has been so useful! I’ve been improving my self-confidence! It directly affects my way of life today. For example, as journalist which is my job formation, I’m now capable of approaching with everyone, even expert who are speaking English!”

Sandra from Sweden and Veronica from Italy became close friends during their time studying together. They both enjoyed their time studying but felt that the experience of living in Liverpool and meeting so many like-minded people changed their lives!

Sandra said “I wanted to improve my English and by that, myself. I wanted to have more opportunities to travel and work in other countries. When I improved my English it has helped me to just relax more when I speak English, before I was totally scared of it! And now I feel freer to choose between different kinds of jobs.”

For Veronica “The best part of learning English in Liverpool was the possibility to create a connection with people you couldn’t find anywhere else. Find out how much people could be amazing and keep them your life and it couldn’t be possible without speaking proper English”

Whilst enjoying the fun and the social aspect of studying English in Liverpool, Sofia from Italy was on a serious mission to improve her English. We caught up with her recently to hear her thoughts and told us:

“I chose to study English last year because I needed IELTS’ certification in order to be able to apply for the Master in Bournemouth that I’m currently attending. It helped me, because I’m right now attending the Master course that I’ve always wanted. So basically I had my chance to: apply, “luckily” pass and doing what I love!”

Whilst you consider the future year, why not consider the years beyond 2019? Giving yourself the resolution to learn English is a resolution that will impact your entire life for the better with the increased opportunities and experiences it will open for you.

Flavia from Italy has summed up the benefit of making English learning your top 2019 priority and we want to finish by sharing her words in full for you:

“I decided to study English in order to embark on a master’s degree taught in this language. As has been said several times today, we’re lucky to have the opportunity of travelling, studying, making exchanges easily everywhere and it is really important to create a broad network of people for developing not only your career, but also for putting an added value on your own skills and also on yourself. The basis for that added value is definitely the language, through which to communicate to everyone easily. And what goes better than English? That’s why I strongly recommend to everyone to learn this widespread and beautiful language! Indeed, learning English has been so helpful for me, it makes it possible to study what I wished for and to know amazing people and their magnificent culture and it opened gates and offered a lot of new opportunities in my career.