Our Academic Intern, Lisa, has written another guest post for us. This week we are looking at a slightly different football tour…

It is all about connections. How one dream can be made possible.

Luis Aruaz dreamed of watching a football match between Liverpool and Tottenham. Three months earlier, Luis tried to get the tickets – but unfortunately he was unsuccessful. But it is all about connections. Luis’s aunt worked with an agency who sends students to Liverpool School of English. She knows someone, who knows someone, who knows Saud, our Social Programme Coordinator. Saud made the seemingly impossible possible and organised a ticket for the hoped-for game just two days before. But that’s not all. In addition, Luis got the chance to experience a slightly different football tour – he struck jackpot! The tour, led by Peter Carney, Hillsborough survivor, visited several points of interest for football fans in Liverpool. With a small group of about ten participants from all over the world they saw:

  • The Hillsborough Memorial
  • St. Domingo’s Chapel (where Everton formed)
  • St George’s Hall (where they celebrate their titles)
  • Goodison Park and Anfield

and much more. It was all accompanied by Peter Carney’s commentary and even some emotional singing.

The tour ended with the match Liverpool v Tottenham. It was an emotional rollercoaster for both teams and the final score was 2-2.

Luis will never forget this experience. He had not expected such an amazing day.

By Lisa Neihaus