There is really nothing to worry about on your first day at LSE but there are great ways in which you can prepare yourself to ensure that your first day is as enjoyable as possible! We will inform you in advance about any documents you may need to bring with you and a pen and notebook is always good! However, the most helpful guidance you can receive is from the students who have already experienced their first day!

Here is some information and advice about how to prepare yourself and other useful tips from their experience! We had a quick chat with Mehdi, Sandra, Carla and Luis and this was what they said…

How did you feel before arriving at LSE?

There seemed to be a lot of feeling nervous (naturally!) before entering the school but this was mixed with some inevitable excitement. Carla says it felt like “beginning a new chapter of your life!” Luis said “I expected a good start… and I wasn’t wrong!” and, certainly, you should expect a busy first day.

Even if, like Mehdi, it is your “first experience living by yourself”, whatever you’re feeling before you arrive, take comfort in knowing you’re not the only one!

How was your first day experience?

When you arrive, you will start your experience with all the other new students being led through a casual induction from our friendly teachers and staff. You will learn about important school information but it is also an excellent opportunity to meet new friends! If you are nervous about meeting other students – don’t worry – because you’ll be able to, according to Carla, “break the ice with fun activities” and you will certainly agree with Sandra, that “everyone is kind and took care of us” and that “the induction helped get rid of any nervous feelings” allowing you to get comfortable and excited for your time studying with us!

During your induction, you will have a placement test to allocate your English level. For this you should be natural in your answering. Luis suggests that “you can make it easier by being confident… and don’t doubt yourself!” There is no right or wrong outcome as this test is only to ensure you are put into the class that suits you the best!

After a well-deserved lunch break you will enjoy a tour of the city of Liverpool – your new home! Another great way to know your fellow students better and learn of the history and most popular attractions at your fingertips!

What advice would you give to new students?

After their first day experience, the students all agree there is no need to feel shy, especially since, as Carla point us, “everyone is in the same position as you!” Whilst it can be difficult, and certainly a big change, Sandra advices you to “just speak English without worrying if you say something wrong” because are in the most welcome and safe environment to do so!  Mehdi recommends that you “don’t hesitate to make the most of the social activities”, as this will help you socialise with more students!

Any challenge you might face, Sandra assures you, “the school is going to take care of you”. The staff and all our students are excited to meet you but we could not say it better than Luis; “Don’t be afraid of trying this new experience, have fun, learn and make the most of the opportunity.”

See you soon!

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