Did you know that Liverpool has its own bike hire scheme? It is called CityBike and you will have most likely seen these fancy green bikes and bike stations all around town!


With 130 bike stations across Liverpool, the city becomes much more accessible for you to explore. You can pick a bike up from town and return it to a different station! Great for getting from A to B quick and cheap!


So whether you want to get to the other side of town a little faster, explore a new area, enjoy a day-long cycle trip or ride into school and home every day, there is a perfect deal for you!




Price deals are available from £3 per day, £9 for a week or £60 for a year!


If you are using it every once in a while, stick with the per day option.

You will be charged £1 usage every time you use the bike and will need to top-up £2 minimum (enough for 2 hours of cycling).


If you want to use the bikes every day (a great idea for you if you are in homestay!), you will pay £5 usage for a week of using the bikes (saves you £2) and you will top-up above that for the time you spend on the bike!


Register with Citybike online or using the CityBike mobile App. Set up your account with your credit/debit card. You will receive a login and PIN via email and SMS. Using this login & PIN, you can login at your chosen bike station.


Follow the instructions on the display and rent your bike! All you need to do is click the ON button and enter the login & PIN you were given. You can choose to hire between 1 – 4 bikes at the same time. So, make sure you select the right number! Each bike has a lock-number, find out the number of an available bike and put that into the keyboard.


Taking your bike away from the station, you must press the button on the lock. The display screen will then show the lock combination. You will need to remember this to lock your bike in places whilst you are using it in the day. You will be able to visit ‘ongoing rentals’ on your App or online to find this code again if you forget.

To return the bike, find a station with empty docks and dock your bike!

Easy as that! So there is nothing to stop you from making the very most of this brilliant CityBike scheme! Explore, exercise, enjoy!


To see the bike station map and for more information visit: https://www.citybikeliverpool.co.uk