Earlier this year we had an exciting visit from the BBC to our


school. Along with this came a camera crew, presenter and participant, John! It was very secret at the time (the world of television!) but we can finally now tell you all about it!


The BBC were filming for their show on BBC1 called ‘Right On the


Money’. The series is dedicated to showing examples of real people’s lives and ways that they can easily save money, including advice and plenty of ideas about how to manage spending.

For some people or households, money is a continual stress and can make life very difficult. It could be the result of many issues, such as a disability, losing a job, or inconsistent work hours. It can be really hard to find ways out of this situation and therefore a little help can go a long way!


On this recent episode, starring The Liverpool School of English, the series focuses on a man called John who has been blind since he was a young child. He is a native Scouser and the ‘Right On the Money’ team work to help him find ways to make some extra money after losing many of his work hours.

John decided to try out as an Activity Leader for our Coffee Conversation Club because it is a paid position that he had a natural talent for! It was obvious that John enjoyed himself and the students certainly did too! Having the opportunity to converse with a local and share stories is always a great way for students to practice their English. The occasion was inspiring for everyone involved because it showed how language can benefit us, not only in daily communicating but also as a means of work and financial income.

Coffee Conversation Club is every Tuesday at 3:15pm. Ideal for practicing what you learn in class in a relaxed and fun environment with coffee, of course! Everyone is welcome so hopefully see you there!