Impressions of Liverpool

I’m Riccardo and after studying for one week at the Liverpool School of English, I began a five-week work experience placement in the Academic Office. Now I have the opportunity to pass on my thoughts and feelings about my experience in Liverpool. To tell this story I will not be alone. I will be helped by the impressions of people I have met from every part of the world.

Usually, the first impression of a city is different for each person, especially if you come from different cultures. But there is one thing that impressed everyone I spoke to: the atmosphere. In every part of the city there is live music that you can listen to as you are walking through the streets. This atmosphere makes the city of the Beatles a unique place. The Beatles are remembered all over the city, including in an amazing museum. The museum has a free audio guide in different languages so you can discover the story of one of the most famous groups in the world. A passion for music is one reason some students choose to visit and study in Liverpool. This is the case for Roberto from Brazil; a 24 year old who loves the Fab Four. According to Roberto, “when you go in to the museum you immerse yourself in the 1960’s; seeing, breathing and perceiving the same feelings from that time”.

My favourite place in Liverpool is definitely the historic Albert Dock next to the river. This is the best location to walk and see the amazing skyline of Liverpool. Thanks to Oscar, a Spanish photographer, I learnt about the “Blue Hour” which is 20 minutes after sunset and is the perfect moment to take a picture.

When speaking with Mustafa and Beysa from Turkey, I discovered their passion for the beautiful Central Library, a wonderful place to study, with free Wifi, 150 computers and iPads, and a free game area with an Xbox 360. Students in Liverpool are really lucky to have this impressive building to visit and study in with their friends.

An important part of a student’s experience is socialising and meeting new people. In Liverpool there are lots of activities to do and the school helps you make friends and quickly feel comfortable in a new city. Thanks to the school, you can participate in different activities, such as café conversation, yoga, cinema nights, salsa, football and several more.

The number one rule that students should follow is to always mix with people who don’t speak your language. This is not only good for improving your English skills, but also for learning about other cultures and becoming more open-minded. I really enjoy hearing the different opinions and experiences of students from other countries. On Tuesdays most students go to the weekly social night, which is the perfect way to get to know new students and improve your communication skills. Thanks to these nights I made lots of friends from every part of the world; each with a different background and a story to tell. Speaking with these people can enrich your knowledge and help you see things from different points of view. As everyone agrees, English is really useful for finding a better job in the future, but I think it is also a fantastic way to get to know people, speak with them and have an experience that will last forever.