On Tuesday 12th February we went to plant trees, and it was an unforgettable experience.

When we arrived a man explained the story of the garden to us. It is one of the oldest in Liverpool, but now it is almost completely destroyed. So, Norris Green Park and Mersey Forest have decided to reconstruct the park, but to do this they need help form other people- volunteers like us! For this reason, during the Green Group meeting we decided to help them.

Ben, from Mersey Forest, who looked after this project, showed us how to plant the trees. We had to dig a hole with a shovel and plant small trees [saplings] which was very difficult because none of us had ever dug a hole before, but we had a lot of fun trying this new activity.

Two other big positives were that we worked with local people and we were in touch with nature. When we finished we felt very tired but also very satisfied and happy to have helped with this environment.


5 Volunteers.

2 hours work each.

30 + trees planted.


Suren, Aurora, Brigitta, Arianna and Andreas