Activity: Football

Price: £5

When: Evenings

What: Come and along and enjoy a game with your new classmates. It’s a great way to keep fit and make some new friends.


Activity: Yoga

Price: £5

When: Afternoons

What: Relax and unwind at our weekly yoga classes. Practice your Cat-Cow and Downward Dog and leave feeling happy and calm.


Activity: Liverpool Football Club Stadium

Price: £18

When: Afternoons

What: Go on a guided tour of the stadium, see the pitch and visit the press room. You can visit the museum, take a selfie with the many cups and medals in the trophy room and learn about the history and heritage of England’s most successful football club.


Activity: Manchester United Football Club Stadium

Price: £40

When: Weekends

What: Visit the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ and explore the biggest football club stadium in the UK. You can learn more about the club’s history and victories in the museum and visit the megastore for some souvenirs.



Activity: Paintball

Price: £25

When: Weekends

What: Get yourself kitted out in the latest paintball gear – combat suit, full-head goggles complete with fog-free lens, body armour and the latest semi-automatic paintball gun.


Activity: Cricket*

Price: Free

When: Afternoons

What: This is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, grab your sunglasses and join us in the park for a game of this traditional English game.


Activity: Country Walks*

Price: Bus money (dependant on destination)

When: Weekend

What: Liverpool is in a perfect location for country walks. We visit some lovely places nearby such as Delamere Forest, Snowdonia and the Lake District, it’s a great way to explore the UK and get some exercise.

(*Please note that these are summer activities only)