Activity: Ghetto Golf

Price: £10

When: Evenings*

What: Set in an old brewery warehouse this is a very unique game of crazy golf. There’s neon graffiti, a street food stall and even a cocktail bar. Get your golf club and get ready to beat your classmates.


Activity: Traditional Pub Tour

Price: Spending money for drinks

When: Evenings**

What: We’re here to show you around the best pubs in the city. In the summer you can enjoy the weather with a cider in a beer garden and in the winter we’ll take you to the warmest cosiest pubs.


Activity: Restaurant Night (Pizza, Fish and Chips, Moroccan)

Price: Spending money for food and drinks

When: Evenings

What: With so many great restaurants to try in the Liverpool it’s very hard for our Social Programme Coordinator to choose where we should go next.


Activity: Salsa

Price: £5

When: Evenings

What: Put on your dancing shoes and come and join us at the Casa Bar for some salsa dancing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert you’ll soon be having fun doing all of the moves.


Activity: The Weekly Social (Heebie Jeebies, The Pilgrim, Camp and Furnace)

Price: Spending money for drinks

When: Evenings**

What: Explore some of the best pubs and bars in Liverpool, get to know your new classmates and make some new friends over a drink.

*Please note this is an over-18’s activity only

** Please note students under 18 may need to leave the activity early depending on the location and their licence restrictions