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Thank you for choosing Liverpool School of English. Since we opened our doors in 1999, we have welcomed students from more than 60 different countries to study here. During this time we have seen thousands of students develop and practise their English language skills in the wonderful city of Liverpool.

Liverpool is a lively, modern city with great pubs, clubs, museums, galleries, cinemas, restaurants, cafés, shops and so much more. We hope you will enjoy our lovely city just as much as we do.

This guide will tell you about our school and facilities, a few school rules and some important information about banking, healthcare and visas. Please remember that if you have any questions that are not answered, we are always here to help you.

Our aims at Liverpool School of English are clear:

  • All students learn effectively
  • All students succeed in achieving their goals
  • All students enjoy an exceptional experience

We share and promote these common values at Liverpool School of English:

  • We love our international environment
  • We are a team of truly welcoming, friendly and caring people
  • We are proud to be professional in everything we do

Getting set up in Liverpool

While you are at the school you may need a letter for the bank, council tax, police, embassy etc. Please email info@lse.uk.net with your request and your letter will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

If you are living in a private residence then you will need to get a letter from the school to tell your local council that you are a student or else you might be asked to pay council tax.

How to open a bank account

If you’re staying in Liverpool for a long time you might need to open a UK bank account.

To open a bank account you will need:

  • Your passport
  • A letter from the school (please email helpdesk@lse.uk.net)
  • A document to confirm your UK address (this could be a utility bill or an accommodation contract)
  • You may also need to bring evidence of your address and bank account in your home country.

Some UK banks now offer special accounts for international students so you may be able to set up a bank account before you arrive in Liverpool. You should check with your home bank to find out about any charges that there might be to transfer money into your UK account.

For more information about opening a UK bank account, search: ‘BBA international students’ or ‘FCA opening a bank’

There are also some digital accounts that you can look into.

Registering with the Police

If you have a Tier 4 Visa or a Short Term Student Visitor Visa you will also need to register with the police for a Biometric Residence Permit. In order to register with the police, you will need to make an appointment. You can do this online: www.merseyside.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/ov/registering-overseas-visitor

It will cost approx. £40 to register with the police and you will also need a letter from the school and two passport sized photographs for your application. If you don’t register with the police it might affect any visa applications you make in the future, so it is very important that you register within 7 days of coming to the UK.

Extending Your Visa
If you needed a visa to enter the UK then you need to be aware of when your visa runs out. If you want to extend your course then you might need to extend or change your visa. You will need to do this at least four weeks before your current visa runs out. If you need further visa advice and guidance, visit www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration

Please be aware that you may have to return to your home country to renew or extend your visa.

Getting in touch with your family and friends

It is normal to miss your home country and family. Sometimes a phone call to your home can really help you feel better. There are a few different ways you can keep in touch with your family. We recommend some of the options below. If you are staying in a homestay, as a courtesy to your host, please do not use your host’s phone to make international calls or texts.

  • Three UK– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Three for around £20 per month with 12GB of data. The data option on this SIM card is great but it is expensive to make international telephone calls. This is a good option if you want to use something like iMessage, WhatsApp or Skype for your messages.
  • Giff Gaff– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Giff Gaff for around £20 per month with unlimited data. Giff Gaff is the cheapest option for international calls but the signal is not great outside of Liverpool city centre. This is a good option if you are in the city centre and want to make a lot of calls back home and have a good wi-fi connection for your messages.
  • Lebara– You can get a pay-as-you-go SIM card from Lebara for around £20 per month with 10GB of data with unlimited UK minutes for telephone calls.  Like Giff Gaff, a Lebara SIM card is a cheap option for international calls but the signal is not great outside of Liverpool city centre. This is a good option if you are in the city centre and want to make a lot of calls back home and have a good wi-fi connection for your messages.
  • Skype– You can make international telephone calls and video calls using Skype. You will need an internet connection and a credit/debit card to pay for telephone phone calls. If your family in your home country has an internet connection you can make video calls through Skype for free. However, if they do not have an internet connection, you can call your home phone number using Skype once credit has been put on your account.
  • Zoom– You can make international video calls using Zoom. If your family in your home country has an internet connection you can make video calls for up to 40 minutes through Zoom for free.

We have some free SIM cards available at the Student Helpdesk.

Getting Internet Access in Liverpool

You will have internet access in your residence or homestay and you can use the internet at school.

Local Libraries
You can join a library in Liverpool for free! The closest library to the school is the Central Library on William Brown Street. To join a library you will need to bring proof of your address, so you might have to get a letter from the school. If you want to know about libraries close to your accommodation or homestay you can find information here: www.liverpool.gov.uk/libraries

Please note that local library services may currently be restricted due to Covid-19. You can read more here: liverpool.gov.uk/libraries/phased-reopening-of-libraries

School Facilities

The Common Room

This is a fantastic social space where students can relax between lessons and spend time getting to know their classmates. It’s a great place to be at break times chatting to new friends. Many students choose to spend their lunchtimes here, eating their meals whilst hanging out and practising their English.

The Word Exchange Café (EPS)

The café is open daily from 8:30-13:00.

The Garden

We’re particularly proud of our garden here at the school. It’s a great place to spend your free time; getting some fresh air and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Sitting on one of the benches looking at all the plants, flowers and the beautiful blossom tree, it’s easy to forget you are in the middle of the city.

If you want to smoke, please do not smoke in the school garden as this is an enclosed area. There is a designated smoking area opposite the school so please keep our garden beautiful and smoke free!

Study Centres

We have two study centres in the school, one is on the first floor and the other is on the second floor. If you want to study a particular skill online your teacher will gladly point you in the right direction of a good website or you can follow our social media to find the best new articles or sites around. Please use your own devices to access materials.

The Student Helpdesk

At the Student Helpdesk you can sign up for our support classes, social programme activities or ask for general information. You can also email helpdesk@lse.uk.net for information.

Prayer Room

In Room 17 we have a prayer room which is open to people of all faiths.


The school opens at 8:30 Monday to Friday. Your classes will start from 8:45 for morning classes and from 13:00 for afternoon classes. You should make sure to arrive at your classes 10 minutes early.

You will begin classes on your first day.


You can book an online level up test. If you think your class is too easy please speak with your teacher. Your teacher may ask you to do the level up test. If you score 70% or more on the test you will move up to the next level. You can find out your test score via Microsoft Teams and if you pass the test you will start your new class on Monday.

There are also short weekly review tests. These tests help you to see your progress each week and also show you what you might need to practise more. Every four weeks you will have a one to one tutorial with your teacher to talk about your progress. Your teacher will help you to set some goals to help you learn.

In your last week you can take an exit test. You will get the results from your exit test with your leaving certificate on Friday. You will be told the time of your exit test in your final week.

Extending Your Course

If you are thinking about extending your course then you will need to speak to our Admissions Team as soon as possible to make sure that you can do it. If you tell us too late then we might not be able to give you the same place in your accommodation or classes, or there might not be a space at all.

Extending your Course as an Embassy Student

You will need a letter from the school if you want to extend your course or re-enrol at the school. You need to give this letter to your embassy who will issue you a financial guarantee letter to give back to us. You may not be able to extend your course if your attendance is below 80%.

Free Support Classes

If you want extra help with your English, or are interested in looking for a job or volunteering in Liverpool, you should go to one of our free support classes!

You can sign up at the Student Helpdesk.


There will be an online feedback session in your first week.  It is important that you tell us your thoughts about the school and your stay in Liverpool. If you think your class is too easy or too hard by the end of the first week you will need to speak to your teacher.

There are also online monthly feedback sessions where you can tell us your thoughts and ask any questions you might have. If you have any problems you can always speak to any member of staff or you can make an appointment to see our Welfare Team in the Welfare Office. We always look at the feedback from all of our students and will try our best to solve any problems – if you want to see our response to what you have said in feedback sessions then please check the Social Programme noticeboard in the Common Room.

There will also be an online feedback session at the end of your course so that you can tell us everything about your time here.

Attendance & Punctuality

At the start of the lesson

If you arrive more than ten minutes late you will not be allowed to enter the class. You will be marked as absent for the first half the class. You will have to log on to the online learning platform in the Study Centre and come back to the class after the break.

If you arrive in the first ten minutes after the class has begun, the teacher will allow you to come in but you will be marked as late on the register.

After breaks

Your teacher will tell you when your break begins and ends. Please respect these times.

If you arrive more than ten minutes late after the break you will not be allowed to enter the class. You will be marked as absent for the second half of the class.

If you arrive late, in the first ten minutes, after the break the teacher will allow you to come in, but you will be marked as late on the register.


If you are late three times in one week it will count as an absence. You will also have to attend a meeting with the Principal of the school. This will be recorded on your student file and on your student report.

Overall attendance

Students must have 90% attendance or you may be asked to leave the school.

If your attendance drops below 90% you will have to attend a meeting with the Principal of the school. This will be recorded as warning on your student file.

What to do if you are sick or cannot come to class

  • You need to call the school on +44 (0)151 706 0730 before 9:00am and tell us why you cannot come to class.
  • You can also email attendance@lse.uk.net to tell us why you cannot come into school. If you email us please remember to write your full name and your class in the email.

If you are absent for 2 days in a row the school will contact you and ask you to explain why you have not been able to come to school. If you are absent from school for more than 5 days you will need to bring us a letter (sick note) from a doctor or your General Practitioner (GP) on your return. We will record absences but please note only pre-booked holiday is authorised.

Holiday Requests

If you are planning to take a holiday then you will need to get a holiday request form from the Student Helpdesk. If your holiday is approved then you will need to tell your teacher. If you are leaving the country then you might need a letter from the school to show at immigration. The amount of holiday that you are allowed to take depends on the length of your course.

If your course is…You can take…
5-12 weeks2 weeks holiday
13-23 weeks4 weeks holiday
24-47 weeks6 weeks holiday
48+ weeks8 weeks holiday


At Liverpool School of English the wellbeing of our students is very important to us and we pride ourselves on our caring and supportive environment.

We have a fantastic team of experienced staff who are always to here to help. The school is open from 8:30-5:00pm and outside of these hours there is a 24 hour emergency line that students can contact.

If you change your phone number or address you need to let the school know straight away in case there is an emergency and we need to contact you. Please go to the Student Helpdesk to change any of your personal information.


You might need to pay for a healthcare surcharge as part of your stay in the UK. You can find more information here: www.gov.uk/healthcare-immigration-application 

NHS Walk-in Centres

Before you come to Liverpool you should organise health insurance for your visit. If you have health insurance and feel sick or need to talk about a health issue then you can go into any NHS (National Health Service) Walk-in Centre without an appointment.

The nearest NHS Walk-in Centre to our school is at 6 David Lewis Street, L1 4AP. The Walk-in Centre is open from 7:00am to 10:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am to 10:00pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Registering with a General Practitioner (GP)

If you are studying in Liverpool for one month or longer you should register with a GP. You can find your local GP by visiting: www.nhs.uk/service-search/find-a-gp

To register with a GP you need to go into their clinic during opening hours and ask to be added to the NHS patient list. You will be given a form to complete and return. After you have returned the form you can make an appointment. You will need a letter from the school to register with a GP. You should register before you get sick because you might not be able to get an appointment on short notice.

You will need to pay for any medicines that your GP prescribes. One prescription will cost £9.15*. If you need a lot of medicines you can buy a prescription prepayment certificate that lasts for three months and costs £29.65*. You can also buy a 12 month certificate for £105.90*

*All information accurate at the time of publication, prices subject to change.

Registering with a Dentist

If you are studying in Liverpool for one month or longer we also recommend that you register with a dentist. To find your nearest NHS dentist please search: ‘Dentist Location’

You will have to pay for dental treatment, a normal check-up at an NHS dentist will cost approximately £18.50.*

*All information accurate at the time of publication, prices subject to change.

Private Healthcare for Students with Medical Insurance

Pall Mall Medical provide Private GP appointments. The Pall Mall Medical GPs are available 6 days a week with same and next day appointments available, including appointments inside and outside of school/working hours.

The nearest Pall Mall Medical is 5 St Pauls Square, Liverpool, L3 9SJ.
Call +44 (0)151 244 4262 to find out more or visit: www.pallmallmedical.co.uk/doctors

The Welfare Office

If you want to discuss any type of problem, a member of our Team is always available for you to speak to during school opening hours. If you feel sick or need to talk about a problem then you can make an appointment to speak to our Team.

Alternatively, you can check the welfare noticeboard for office drop-in times. Please remember that all of our staff are here to help you. If you have a serious complaint please make an appointment to see the Principal.

We also have a Student Helpdesk who can help with any questions you have. All students have our 24 emergency number in case they need to contact us about a problem outside of school hours.

Students aged under 18

Students aged under 18 will receive a student ID card on a green lanyard which must be worn at all times at school. Students aged under 18 are asked to sign in at the Student Helpdesk before they attend their lessons.

Students aged under 18 have weekly meetings with a member of staff from our Team to make sure they are safe, happy and well.

Online Learning

You will receive login details for your Microsoft Teams account. Please activate this link before you arrive at Liverpool School of English.

On your first day you will receive login details for our online learning platform so that you can do extra activities to practise your English skills outside of the classroom.

You can get your writing marked, do extra vocabulary and grammar exercises, revise the language that you have studied in class and lots, lots more! Your teacher will also give you homework from this system each week.

Social Media

Visit us on social media:

Facebook: @TheLiverpoolSchoolofEnglish

Twitter: @LiverpoolSchool

Instagram: @TheLiverpoolSchoolofEnglish

Youtube: @LiverpoolSchoolEng

Every week we post exciting things to do in Liverpool, information about the social programme, fun photos of our students and the school’s leaving photos. We post events that are happening in Liverpool so that you can take advantage of all the city has to offer. We love to see your pictures so use #LiverpoolSE to share them with us!


Do you use WhatsApp? 

You can now contact our Admissions and Groups teams using WhatsApp during office hours.

Add us to your contacts!

Admissions: 07904475891

Groups: 07904475988

Social Programme

During your stay in Liverpool studying and learning English is important, but it is also important to have fun and make lots of friends and happy memories. We have a fantastic Social Programme that allows you to explore the city and the UK whilst meeting new people. Many of our activities are free or low-cost and you can join as many as you like.

We are always happy to tell you more about what’s happening or take suggestions about new trips and events. You can find out about what is happening whilst you’re here either on our website, via our Social Media or in school on the board in the Common Room.

There are two different ways to sign up for activities with the social programme depending on whether the activity is free or paid:

  • For free activities, just turn up at the meeting point listed on the poster
  • For paid activities you can sign up and pay for the activity at the Student Helpdesk.

It is really important that you sign up for activities at least 24 hours in advance. If student don’t sign up for a day trip we will unfortunately have to cancel it – so remember to always sign up!

You need to give 24 hours’ notice to cancel a social activity. You must inform the school immediately and you will be given a full refund for the trip or we can transfer the credit to another trip. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the social activity, you will not be eligible for a refund. If you cannot attend on the day you need to inform the activity leader on +44 (0)7837 634 048.

If you have any ideas for the social programme then please tell us. We love to hear your ideas! You can tell us your ideas at a feedback session or talk to one of our Activity Leaders.

We will need to limit student numbers on these activities and will be updating all risk assessments to include Covid-19 measures. You may need a face covering in certain venues so please bring something with you.

Travelling in Liverpool

If you are living outside Liverpool city centre you can use public transport to come to and from school easily.

If you’re staying for a long time you could also buy a bicycle. You can also rent bikes for a day or longer using Liverpool’s City Cycle scheme: www.citybikeliverpool.co.uk

You can find more information about travelling in Liverpool on www.merseytravel.org or you can call +44 (0)151 702 2071.

Face coverings are required while using public transport in England.


In Liverpool we have a MetroCard which is Merseyside’s contactless card for public transport. You can load Saveaway, Railpass and some Solo tickets onto the card.

You can buy a MetroCard and your first ticket at any PayPoint retailer, Merseytravel Centre, on board an Arriva or Stagecoach bus or at any rail station across the region.

  • The closest PayPoint Store to school is Al-Shareef Supermarket across the road at 71 Mount Pleasant.
  • The closest Merseytravel Centre to school is Queen Square Bus Station, Liverpool, L1 1RG.

There is a £1 activation charge when you buy your new MetroCard.  This fee is to cover the card production and distribution costs.  You will then be able to register your MetroCard and buy Adult Solo tickets online.

You can also visit MetroSmart where you can register your MetroCard and see which tickets are held on your card and when they will expire. You can also see the expiry date of the card itself, giving you time to buy a new MetroCard if necessary.

How to buy a bus ticket (buses only)

Solo tickets are valid across Merseyside. A Solo Day ticket is available from your bus driver, a Merseytravel Centre or a PayPoint Retailer. If you want a Three Day, Five Day, Weekly or a 4-Weekly Solo ticket, you can buy these from a PayPoint Store or a Merseytravel Centre.

How to buy a rail ticket (trains only)

Railpass tickets are valid on trains in your chosen zones or areas across Merseyside and as far as Chester, Ellesmere Port and Ormskirk.

Rail tickets are available from all stations with staff members. You can buy them for a week or a month. You will need to complete a form with your personal details and home address in the UK.

You will be charged £1 for your first MetroCard but if you reuse your card each time you renew your Railpass, you will not be charged again.

You can also buy tickets from Trainline and National Rail for one-off journeys or to travel across the country.

How to buy a trio ticket (buses, trains and the ferry)

Trio tickets are season tickets for the buses, trains and Mersey Ferries in your chosen area, no matter who operates the service. You can buy them for a week or a month. Trio tickets are available from any Merseytravel Centre or Merseyrail station with staff members.

Places of Worship and Religious Organisations

Where to go in Liverpool

Liverpool is famous for its friendly people, history, architecture, sports and music! Our waterfront is a UNESCO world heritage site and we have more art galleries, museums and parks than any other city outside of London.

Here is a list of 20 unique places in Liverpool to get you started on your Liverpool adventures! Why not come for a trip with the social programme?

  1. Liverpool World Museum (10 minutes from school)
  2. The Museum of Liverpool (15 minutes from school)
  3. The Tate Gallery (15 minutes from school)
  4. The Walker Gallery (10 minutes from school)
  5. Liverpool Central Library (10 minutes from school)
  6. St George’s Hall (10 minutes from school)
  7. Liverpool Empire Theatre (10 minutes from school)
  8. Liverpool Everyman Playhouse (5 minutes from school)
  9. Albert Dock & Waterfront (15 minutes from school)
  10. Beatles Story (15 minutes from school)
  11. Mathew Street (10 minutes from school)
  12. Liverpool One Shopping Centre (10 minutes from school)
  13. Liverpool Lime Street Station (5 minutes from school)
  14. FACT Cinema (5 minutes from school)
  15. Liverpool Football Club (20 minutes from school by bus)
  16. Bold Street – Independent local businesses (5 minutes from school)
  17. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (5 minutes from school)
  18. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (5 minutes from school)
  19. Liverpool’s Chinatown (10 minutes from school)
  20. The Baltic Triangle (15 minutes from school)

International Student Travel Insurance Information

It is compulsory for all students to have health and travel insurance before leaving their home country. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance at the time of booking the trip as cover will commence for pre-departure cancellation from the date accepted for cover. This will, therefore, provide cover should the trip have to be cancelled for an insured reason such as illness or serious accident preventing travel.

Code of Conduct

At Liverpool School of English we want to make sure that you feel safe and happy during your time at the school.

We value differences and diversity in people. We aim to make sure that you don’t feel unfairly judged because of your race, sex, marital status, colour, sexual orientation, disability, political beliefs, religion, or anything else.

We support and promote the basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs.

We ask you to respect each other and this includes the teachers, staff and host families. We will not tolerate harassment of any staff, teachers, host family members or other students. We do not tolerate bullying of any kind and offenders may face serious consequences. Please refer to our anti-bullying policy which can be found on the student welfare notice board.

You must attend all of your classes and we expect all students to actively participate in lessons. If you cannot come to school then you need to contact us before your lesson. The Admissions Team will track your attendance and if there are any issues then it will be taken to the Principal.

Your overall attendance will be on your leaving certificate and cannot be changed for any reason.

Please do not eat or drink anything except water in the classrooms, Study Centre or reception area. You can enjoy your food in our lovely student Common Room or our beautiful garden.

If you do not follow the code of conduct or our Covid-secure guidelines then you may be asked to leave the school.

We do not tolerate any of our students breaking the law. If you break UK law you will be asked to attend a meeting with the Principal and you may be asked to leave the school.

We do not tolerate the use of any illegal substances on the school premises, in the residence or homestay accommodation. If you are under the age of 18 you are not allowed to buy or consume alcohol, because it is against the law in the UK. If you are found to be in possession of any illegal substances then you will be asked to attend a meeting with the Principal and you may be asked to leave the school.

Virtual/livestreaming lessons – Guidance for Students

Your teachers will be delivering sessions through a virtual livestreamed lessons. These will take place through Microsoft Teams which is part of the school’s Office 365 suite and for which you have your own usernames and passwords.

It is important that you follow the guidance set out below which is designed to help keep you, your peers and teachers safe whilst taking part in virtual lessons. Remember that whilst using technology such as Microsoft Teams, that this is an extension of the classroom and you should conduct yourself as you would normally in that situation.

You must therefore:

  • Behave in a sensible manner during virtual lessons and communicate respectfully using appropriate language
  • Take part in the session from an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions
  • Be on time for your lesson
  • Be dressed appropriately
  • NOT record the lesson
  • Make sure you end the session as soon as your teacher tells you to

If you do not follow this guidance, you may be asked to leave the session.

Complaints Procedure

Liverpool School of English does its utmost to ensure that all students are completely happy with their course and that it meets expectations, as advertised and sold to them across all areas of the course. A complaint procedure is in place in the case that these expectations are felt to have not been met.

Important Numbers

Emergency Police/Ambulance/Fire: 999

Liverpool School of English: +44 (0)151 706 0730

Liverpool School of English Emergency Number: +44 (0)7711 009 634

UK Border Agency Liverpool Enquiries Office: +44 (0)870 606 7766