Hey, my name is Lisa. I’m from Hamburg, Germany. I am a third year apprentice at the Centralbank in Germany. In February, I spent my three-week stay at the LSE in Liverpool. In the first week, I visited the school as a student and then completed a two-week internship at the Academic Office of LSE. My biggest aim was to lose the fear of having to speak English and that’s what I’ve achieved.

Back in Germany


On my first day back in Germany I worked in Hamburg. The Centralbank was a trade fair exhibitor this weekend in the exhibition halls of Hamburg. The fair was about students who do not yet know what they want to do in the future. Here they could find out about diffrent apprenticeships, study programs and stays abroad. Due to the wave of refugees, the proportion of international applicants is increasing. Thus, a conversation at the fair in English has long been normal. On this Saturday I was able to talk very well with the foreign interested in English. What my colleagues prompted to leave the talks in English to me.


On Monday, everyday life began again for me. At 6:00 my alarm clock woke me up and at 7:00 am I was sitting in the office. There were an incredible number of questions pounding me on how my stay was and whether I noticed a difference in my English. Of course I noticed a difference. Especially in bank-internal English lessons I communicated much more often and feel more comfortable in the language.

It did not even take me a day to realize that I missed the family togetherness from England very much.


In May I will support the bank’s customer and support service. I am already curious how much I can support the foreign office.


Thank you LSE! You have changed me forever – and for that I am grateful to you!