A couple of weeks ago our Live Liverpool students met the Labour MEP for the North West of England, Theresa Griffin, while they were out in the city on their course. Our Academic Intern, Lisa, interviewed the students who met her.

On Thursday 15th February, students from our school met the MEP Theresa Griffin coincidentally during their Live Liverpool lesson.

Learning outdoors and interacting with the general public: that is the aim of the Live Liverpool course at Liverpool School of English. Every week there is a different theme e.g. British Culture. But instead of sitting in school, students are sent outside to bring the topics to life with the people of Liverpool.

Picture  Hilton Liverpool City Centre Hotel, UK - Hotel At Dusk

This week the theme was: “Then and Now”. The task was to tell people in the street about Customs House, where the Hilton Hotel now is. This is a good way to improve speaking and listening skills. The students found the people in the street very friendly and communicative. One woman thought they were charity workers but Emmanuelle explained who they are and what they had to do – not knowing who he was talking to. He treated her like any other passer-by. She listened carefully and introduced herself to the three students, Tiana, Emmanuelle and Pablo, who didn’t realise she was member of the European Parliament. She was very impressed because this is an unusual and positive way of learning. She was so pleased with the coincidental meeting, that she praised the three students work with a tweet:

They are now famous!

Our students can be very proud of themselves.

Lisa Neihaus