Liverpool is a city that celebrates St Patrick’s Day in a big way! Why? Liverpool has been home to a large Irish population who have enriched the city’s culture for almost two centuries. In 1851 22% of Liverpool’s population were Irish born and for this reason many people who call the city home today feel a strong connection with their family roots – just a short hop across the Irish sea!  

 In 2021 we’ll celebrate in a different way without the usual street parties and festivals  – but for sure the people of Liverpool will not forget this iconic celebration! We often talk about the ‘luck of the Irish’ – let’s explore some of the lucky symbols associated with Ireland.  


The three-leaf clover (known as the Shamrock) is one of the most famous symbols associated with Ireland and St Patrick’s Day. In Celtic history people believed that the most valuable treasures in the world came in groups of three. The Shamrock was viewed as a sign of Mother Nature’s regenerative power and fortune would come to those who had it. 


The horseshoe is one of the most famous good luck charms in Ireland and this symbolism also exists around the world. There are various accounts of how the horseshoe became associated with luck. One theory is that horses are dependable and reliable creatures so things associated with them will bring good fortune. Another theory is that mythical creatures (for example mischievous fairies) are repelled by iron and therefore keeping a horseshoe in your home will keep them away!  


The little green men, known as Leprechauns are tiny creatures dressed in green clothes and hats. Legend says that they are unfriendly and extremely antisocial. They live alone and protect a huge pot of gold. Treasure hunters who track them down might be lucky! But we are not sure that we’d take the risk of coming face to face with an angry Leprechaun…