Have you seen Liverpool’s latest piece of interactive street art in the Baltic Triangle?

Local artist, Paul Curtis, has spray-painted two giant Liver Bird wings onto a wall on Jamaica Street and the best part is that you can pose with them behind you to become a real Liverpool Liver Bird!

What is a Liver Bird?

The Liver Bird has been a symbol of Liverpool for over 800 years. King John was granted a Royal Charter to register Liverpool as a borough in 1207 and needed a unique seal to differentiate documents from his territory so he chose a mythical Liver Bird to feature as part of the crest. The Liver Bird is similar to a cormorant. 

Two Liver Birds famously sit on top of the Royal Liver Building as part of Liverpool’s iconic waterfront. The Royal Liver Building was built in 1911 and at it was the tallest building in Europe at the time.

According to local history, the birds are a male and female pair called Bertie and Bella. Bella looks out towards the river to protect the port while Bertie looks over the city to protect the people of Liverpool. Local legends say that if Bella and Bertie ever face towards each other, Liverpool will longer exist!

You can stand next to an amazing life-size replica at the Museum of Liverpool and follow the Liver Bird trail around the museum. 

replica Liver Bird in museum window, with a view of the Pier Head

The Liver Bird symbol can also be seen on the famous Liverpool Football Club crest, university badges and the Liverpool City Council logo. In fact, the Liver Bird can be found all across the city – over 100 times. 

Have you seen the wings? Share your photos with us! #LiverpoolSE