Our Live Liverpool course takes learning outside the classroom and gives you the opportunity to explore the city and talk to local people as you practise and improve your English. Last week our teacher Joe took a class which involved speaking to people from Liverpool about their memories of Liverpool, using pictures of famous places or events as a prompt. He told us:

Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and there were some really nice stories. We walked past the Blue Angel club, which is a famous Liverpool nightclub, that has been open for nearly 60 years. This is one of the photos used in the activity. The club wasn’t open, of course, but the owner happened to be outside the club, they’d been taking a delivery. She was happy to speak to the students, invited them in to the club to look around. This was particularly good for one of the students, Anna, as she is a massive Beatles fan and this was one of the clubs where the Beatles first played, before they were famous. You can see a picture of the Beatles on the wall in the background.

The owner spoke to the students for about 30 minutes, answering lots of questions about local history and events, and the history of the club. Then she presented all of the students with a Blue Angel baseball cap. A really lovely, interesting person to speak to and really friendly.

Our teachers accompany you around the city as you complete carefully designed, fact-finding activities which require you to engage with the people of Liverpool. Through real conversations your active listening skills will be developed as you are exposed to a wide range of topics, accents and levels of formality. Here are some comments from our Live Liverpool students: “I like that we have the opportunity to practise in ‘real life’ the subjects that we’ve learned in class.” “I love this elective. What I liked most was going out to complete challenges such as interviewing local people on the street.” “I enjoyed getting out and meeting people from the city. We later listened to these conversations in class. This helped me to understand natural speech which I needed to do.’” The aim of our Live Liverpool course is to increase your confidence in using English in real-life situations. You will also develop your understanding and experience of UK life and culture. This course is ideal for those who want to focus on their speaking and listening skills and enjoy active learning. Topics and themes include:

  • Music in the city
  • Sporting Liverpool
  • Urban regeneration
  • International Liverpool
  • Story-telling
  • People watching
  • Modern and Classical Art
  • Maritime Liverpool

Live Liverpool can be studied on its own (6 lessons) or as part of a General English course. Contact info@lse.uk.net for more information or book now.