What is Job Club? Why do we offer it? Why do people go?

 Job Club is an informal “help session” that takes place every Thursday at 16.15, after the main classes have finished.  We’ve been running it for about seven years, and hundreds of students have found it very helpful.

Any student at LSE can attend, and it’s free! So, who usually comes?

  • Students looking for paid work in Liverpool, to help with their costs while they study
  • Students looking for work experience in the UK, either paid or as a volunteer, so they can practise their English and gain experience
  • Students who want to write their CV in English
  • Students who have prepared an English CV and want to have it checked by an experienced teacher
  • Students wanting help to write a letter of introduction or job application
  • Students who hope to apply to a UK university, e.g. for a Master’s course
  • Students looking for ideas about finding work in the UK
  • Students who want to practise being interviewed in English for a position.

You can come any number of times: most people come only once or twice, but often email me afterwards with their cv or cover letter for correction and/or suggestions – this is a service we offer students who have attended Job Club.

We can’t directly find you a job, but can help you to be better prepared, for example with the right type of CV or letter, and some ideas of where to search. Occasionally, an employer, agency representative, or volunteer manager comes to talk and answer questions.

Some LSE students have, for example, found work at a communications centre in the city, using both English and their native language to assist international customers. This experience in a British workplace has helped them to become more confident and successful when applying for professional roles using their qualifications from their own countries.

Liverpool also has a great variety of local and international cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. which often employ students. Of course, there is a lot of competition, with three universities as well as colleges and language schools in the city – so having a good English-language CV and interview practice can help a lot!

So maybe I’ll see you one Thursday! I am usually there as the “Job Club Teacher”, but other LSE teachers like Cat McCombs and Ricky Anderson have experience of leading it, too. Happy job-searching!

Frank Kennedy