We are very proud and happy to be winners at the ESL Awards 2017. Hooray!!!

For many years we have welcomed ESL students from more than 15 different countries. We love working closely with ESL to make sure every student enjoys an exceptional experience here in Liverpool.

ESL offer educational programmes in more than 300 schools around the world. Last year they launched the ESL awards. To find the winners, they look at feedback from their students and staff. There are 9 awards with 10 nominations for each. The schools with the highest feedback scores win.

For the second year in a row, Liverpool School of English was nominated for the School of the Year award. We won 4th place with a score of 4.5/5. This is a fantastic achievement. We are delighted.

We were also nominated for the Leisure Programme of the Year award and this time WE WON FIRST PLACE with a brilliant 4.63. We are over the moon.

Congratulations and well done to everyone at school who makes our award-winning social programme so popular.

Together we make sure our trips and activities help students to:

  • practise and improve their English while having fun
  • make lots of friends from all around the world and lots of happy memories too
  • enjoy the best of what the wonderful city of Liverpool has to offer
  • explore some of the UK’s most interesting cities and beautiful countryside
  • learn about British life and culture
  • develop global communication skills with knowledge and understanding of many different cultures from around the world

The social programme is also important because students from different classes can meet and make friends with each other. These friendships add to the very special atmosphere of Liverpool School of English. This happy, friendly atmosphere is what everyone loves most about our school.

Lots of staff members make our social programme great but we must give special congratulations to Saud, our amazing social programme coordinator, and to the leaders he works with, Jess, Cat, Rafael, Bambi, Mike, Amy, Jeanette, Sam, Caitlyn, Frank and Helen. Above all thanks to all of our students for being so friendly, kind, enthusiastic and open to new experiences – you are what make every activity, trip and night out so wonderful.

You can read more about the awards here https://blog.esl-languages.com/blog/esl/winners-2017-esl-language-travel-awards/

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