If you are a teacher of English from primary, secondary or adult schools and want to develop your skills and enhance your C.V., our online TKT sessions are for you. During these sessions you will learn advanced language awareness and theories and develop professionally through discussions and reflection on your own teaching methods.

We running a series of Online Module 1 Sessions. Join us for just one or all four sessions!

Our online TKT sessions cover important components of teaching such as:

  • Approaches to language teaching – Friday April 23rd
  • Presentation techniques – Friday April 30th
  • Teaching functions – Friday May 7th
  • Teaching phonology – Friday May 14th

Please note that our British Council accreditation is for the teaching of English so this doesn’t apply to our teaching training courses.


Online Cambridge TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test) Module1 Sessions
Module 1 Session TitleDates
Approaches to language teachingFriday April 23rd
Presentation techniquesFriday April 30th
Teaching functionsFriday May 7th
Teaching phonologyFriday May 14th


Online Cambridge TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test) Module1 Sessions
£17.50 per session £60 for all 4 sessions
£17.50 per session or £60 for all 4 sessions


Do I have to take the exam at the end of the course?

No, you can just attend the sessions without taking the exam.

Is there a practical teaching element to the course?

No, you do not have to teach any lessons on the course.

Do you focus ONLY on passing the TKT exam?

No, we also have CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions on the course which are related to other aspects of teaching, for example using music or technology in the classroom. There are also observations of teachers here at the school to take ideas from to promote discussion and analysis of teaching techniques.

What if I have internet problems during the class?

All of our lessons are recorded and your teacher can provide you with a copy of the recording. We cannot offer refunds if you encounter problems with your internet connection during the lesson.

What if I have an appointment and can’t attend a class?

Just let your teacher know that you will be unable to attend. They will be able to provide you with a recording of the lesson and any homework that you need to complete. Refunds cannot be given for any lessons you don’t attend.

How will I know what level I am?

You need to complete our online test and our Academic Team will use this to place you into the correct level.