Our booster sessions are designed to help you develop the skills that you need to focus on. Each one is a standalone lesson so you can pick just one or as many as you want. You can study just a booster session, add them onto an online General English or IELTS course or you can add them onto an in-school course for a blended learning experience.

Business English

This provides practical business language skills for a wide range of industries. You will develop confidence as you practise communication in business scenarios such as meetings, presentations and negotiations.

Academic English

This helps prepare you for a university course taught in English. You will increase your academic vocabulary and practise the skills necessary to evaluate, disseminate and produce academic work.

Pronunciation Focus

This booster will show you how to develop your pronunciation skills to help you sound more natural and closer to a native speaker of English. It will help improve your fluency and build confidence.

21st Century Skills

We incorporate the 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills; Collaboration, Communication, Critical thinking and Creativity into these English lessons help students prepare for the world of work in the 21st century.

Culture Lesson

This booster will help you to improve your knowledge of those who live in other regions or countries. This is essential in the international workplace as you will need to communicate in English with people from different social and cultural backgrounds.

Lesson Structure

Each Booster takes place on a different day:

Monday: Pronunciation Focus 15:30-17:30 UK Time

Tuesday: Business English 15:30-17:30 UK Time

Wednesday: Academic English 15:30-17:30 UK Time

Thursday: 21st Century Skills 15:30-17:30 UK Time

Friday: Culture Lesson 15:30-17:30 UK Time

Computer Programme

Our online classes are delivered via Microsoft Teams. We will provide you with an account and all the information and support that you will need to use this.

Booking information

You need to book and pay for your course by the Wednesday before the Monday you wish to start. Download our Online Course Registration Form and send to If you are unsure of your level and would like to take a quick test to give you a general indication, you can do so here.

Each Booster has a minimum booking of 4 weeks and a maximum booking of 6 weeks.


Pronunciation Focus – Pre-intermediate A2

Business English – Pre-intermediate A2

Academic English – Intermediate B1

21st Century Skills – Pre-intermediate A2

Culture Lesson – Pre-intermediate A2


Find out about the benefits of learning English online here.


Booster Sessions
15:30-17:30Pronunciation FocusBusiness EnglishAcademic English21st Century SkillsCulture Lesson


£30 per Booster, per week


No registration fee is charged on our online courses
Materials Fee: 1 – 12 weeks £30 | 13 – 23 weeks £60 | 24 weeks + £90

Included in the price:

Access to Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint programmes

End of Course Certificate (PDF)


You can also add on one-to-one lessons to your package. These cost £45 per hour.


What if I have internet problems during the class?

All of our lessons are recorded and your teacher can provide you with a copy of the recording. We cannot offer refunds if you encounter problems with your internet connection during the lesson.

What if I have an appointment and can’t attend a class?

Just let your teacher know that you will be unable to attend. They will be able to provide you with a recording of the lesson and any homework that you need to complete. Refunds cannot be given for any lessons you don’t attend.

I have recently had to postpone my in-school course due to Covid-19, can I do an online course instead of coming back at a later date?

Yes that is absolutely fine, contact us for more information.

I would like to do an online course and then come and study in Liverpool once I am able to travel again, is this possible?

Yes absolutely, doing an online course is a great way to get ready for studying in school and staying in the UK.

How will I know what level I am?

You need to complete our online test and our Academic Team will use this to place you into the correct level.

What if I find the class too easy or too hard?

You can speak with your teacher about this and they will advise you on the best thing to do. This may involve moving levels if it’s the right thing for you