The Occupational English Test (OET) is designed for healthcare professionals who want to register and work in an English-speaking country such as the UK, Ireland or Australia and are required to provide evidence of their language skills and who need an OET grade B (IELTS band 7/ C1 CEFR) to do this.  The test is proof of your English Language competence and is a skills test not a knowledge test.  The test consists of four sub-tests which are

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

The Liverpool School of English Is an approved OET preparation course provider and is the only school in the North-West of England to offer an extended course giving healthcare professionals time to fully prepare for the English-speaking workplace and to focus on developing their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking as well as grammar and vocabulary for medical English. We will also help you to prepare for the OET test and give you practice in the exam strategies you will need to be successful in the test.  During the course you will complete past test papers and receive individual spoken and written feedback on your progress.

Our OET Courses

we have three options of OET course to choose from:

OET 10

12 weeks course:


10 hours per week (120 hours total)

Monday to Thursday: 1-3.45pm   (with 15 minutes break)

OET 10 + GE

12 weeks course:

Morning: General English:

15 Lessons per week (13 hours, 45 minutes)

Afternoons: OET:

10 hours per week (120 hours total)

Monday to Thursday: 1-3.45pm   (with 15 minutes break)

OET Exam Ready

Intensive  1 week course.

Mornings + Afternoons

20 hours per week (with an hour break)

Monday to Thursday  9.30am -3.45pm


Sample Timetable OET Exam Ready
9.30-12.15 Introduction to reading sub-test & reading practice part A: recognising paraphrase and synonyms. Reading sub-test practice part B: identifying the main purpose in short workplace textsIntroduction to writing sub-test: meeting OET writing criteria & composing a group letterIntroduction to listening sub-test & listening practice part A: focusing on patient language. Listening sub-test practice part B: recognising distractors in multiple-choice questionsIntroduction to speaking: meeting OET speaking criteria, critiquing a video example and completing role-play practice
1-2.30pmReading sub-test practice part C: understanding reference words in longer textsElective writing workshop Signposting language/ Using narrative tensesListening sub-test practice part C: listening for attitudes and opinions in longer textsElective speaking workshop Understanding & using patient language/ Talking to young & elderly patients
2.45-3.45pmExam practice: reading sub-test & individual feedbackExam practice: writing sub-test & individual feedbackExam practice: listening sub-test & individual feedbackPractice speaking sub-test & individual feedback
Sample weekly timetable OET 10
1-2.30pmspeaking sub-test practice/ focus on dealing with sensitive issuesReading sub-test practice part B: identifying the main purpose in short workplace textsWriting sub-test practice: referral letters. Grammar focus: linking expressionsReading sub-test practice part C: understanding reference words in longer texts
2.45-3.45pm Reading sub-test practice part A: recognising paraphrase and synonymsListening sub-test practice part A: focus on the use of multi-word verbs in patient languageListening sub-test practice part B: recognising distractors in multiple-choice questionsVocabulary focus: medical terminology and non-medical equivalents


OET 10: 10 hours in the afternoons: £135

OET + GE: 15 lessons of GE (13 hours 45 minutes) and 10 hours of OET: £325

OET Exam Ready: Intensive  1 week course 20 hours: £270


There will be no lessons on the following UK public holidays and there is no discount in fees.

  • 19th April
  • 22nd April
  • 6th May
  • 27th May
  • 26th August

Christmas Holidays Close on 20th December 2019 and re-open on 2nd January 2020

  • Fees include:
  • Access to Social Programme
  • Access to Free Support Classes (maximum 3 per week)
  • Access to LSe-Learning valid from the start of your course until 6 months after your course finishes
  • Regular progress tests and 1:1 tutorials

Extra Fees:

  • Registration Fee £50
  • Materials Fee £25 (Coursebooks will be provided)
  • CAS Fee £21 (For non-EU students applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) (subject to change)*
  • Courier Fee £75 (For students who require a hard copy of their visa letter for their visa application)*

*these fees are dependent on the type of Visa the student has


Who recognises the OET qualification?

Many healthcare bodies and councils across the world recognise OET. In the UK these include The General Medical Council and The Nursing and Midwifery Council.


Both IELTS and OET are accepted as a valid qualification.  Which test should I take?

The Academic IELTS test is designed to test your academic English. It tests your ability to understand reading and listening texts on academic subjects and to speak about a range of different issues. The OET test focuses on practical/vocational English in a healthcare setting so many candidates consider the OET test to be more achievable because the language studied is usually familiar and highly relevant to their own workplace.


Which healthcare professionals can take the OET?

The OET covers 12 healthcare professions: dentistry, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, podiatry, radiography, speech pathology and veterinary science.  The Liverpool School of English offers classes for medicine and nursing.  Please contact us if you work in one of the other professions listed and we can discuss your exam needs.


Will I be taught in the same class as healthcare workers from different professions?

The OET reading and listening sub-tests tests are not subject specific and so all healthcare professions are taught together for these classes. The writing and speaking sub-tests are subject specific so you will have writing and speaking lessons in separate classes related to your profession.


How long will I need to prepare for the test?

The duration of our part-time OET 10 courses is 120 hours over 12 weeks. During this time, you will focus on improving your medical English across the four skill areas with particular focus on communicating effectively in typical workplace scenarios. You will also complete two full practice tests as well as past exam tasks and will learn strategies to help you improve your performance in all the sub-tests. Your tutor will give you individual spoken and written feedback on your progress.

Our OET Exam Ready course is for students who have reached the required language and skills level to enter the test but feel that they need to learn more about the exam format and practise key techniques and strategies first. The course is divided into four workshops covering a different skill each day. You can select individual workshops or book all four.


Where and when can I take the test?

The nearest test centre is Manchester.  The test is offered every month and you can book online.

More information about test dates and booking your test can be found at


When will I get the result of my OET test

The results are published 16 business days after the test date.


What do I need to pass?

Each sub-test is graded from 0-500.  To get a grade B you will need to score between 350-440 in each paper.


How long is my OET result valid?

This will depend on the particular recognising body for your profession.