Our IELTS courses are very popular. Many of our students need to take the IELTS test to prove their level of English for study at university. The aim of this course is to fully prepare you for the test so you achieve your best possible result. Most students combine IELTS preparation with General English on IELTS 23 or IELTS 21.

Our Academic Team have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the IELTS score you need. Our IELTS courses are carefully designed to provide you with the preparation and practice you need to succeed. You will be taught exam techniques and strategies for each of the tasks you will meet in the test. The IELTS test has the following parts:

• Listening

• Reading

• Writing

• Speaking

Our IELTS teachers use a published course book throughout the course. You will be given a course book for each IELTS level you study at. You will be expected to complete 1-2 hours of homework per day.

In addition to your lessons, you can also visit our IELTS study centre for additional practice sessions at no extra cost. Our teachers are available to give you extra help in the study centre from 3pm – 4pm, Monday – Thursday.

The average progress rate of our students varies according to level, ability, determination and the amount of time spent on homework and self-study. Generally we advise 8 – 10 weeks study to increase your IELTS score by 0.5 band.

Liverpool School of English is not an IELTS test centre. Our students take their IELTS test a test centre in Manchester (for UKVI) or at The University of Liverpool (Academic or General Training). We will help you book your IELTS test.

If you want to study at a UK university, our Director of Academic English is also able to provide you with information and advice to help you choose and apply for your university course.

General English

General English is our most popular course. Its aim is to improve all areas of your English language competence: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Our Academic Team carefully select course materials to ensure lessons are relevant and interesting to our students. You will be given a course book on the first day of your course and a new course book each time you move up a level.

Our teachers use the communicative approach to deliver learner-centred lessons which are dynamic and engaging. Lessons focus on both accuracy and fluency. You will develop your ability to communicate confidently in real-life situations.

Our teachers ensure that each lesson has clear learning outcomes. You will have a short review test each week. Longer progress tests are monthly. After each progress test you will have a 1:1 tutorial with your teacher. In this tutorial you will develop your Individual Action Plan, this helps to ensure your English improves as much as possible and you succeed in achieving your goals. After each tutorial, you will receive a progress report from your teacher.

At the end of your course you can take an exit test. You will then be able to compare your placement test results with your exit test results to see how much you have improved.

We also offer part-time IELTS preparation courses with GE6 or GE10 lessons per week.

Taking the IELTS Test

Liverpool School of English is not an IELTS test centre. We can help you book your test but you will need to go to an IELTS test centre to take the exam. Examination fees are approximately £160 – £200 and subject to change. There are two types of academic IELTS tests; the ‘IELTS UKVI’ test and the ‘Academic IELTS (non-SELT)’ test.


This is a SELT (Secure English Language Test). Non- EU students who are applying for a Tier 4 student visa should take this test. Students applying for university pre-sessional courses will also need to take this IELTS test. This test must be taken at a SELT approved centre. You can take the IELTS UKVI at a test centre in Manchester. This is approximately 1 hour away by train. Information on dates, fees and how to book is here.

Academic IELTS (non-SELT)

This IELTS is accepted by the majority of UK universities. You should however, always check with the university you are planning to study at. You can take the Academic IELTS at the test centre at The University of Liverpool. This is just a short walk from the school. The tests are offered once or twice each month on a Saturday. Information on dates, fees and how to book is here.


IELTS 23 (General English 15 + IELTS 8)
9:00 - 12:00 General EnglishVocabulary: Food and cooking Listening and Speaking: Food and EatingListening and Speaking: Restaurants Grammar: Present simple and continuousVocabulary and Speaking: Family Grammar: Future formsPronunciation: Sentence stress Vocabulary: Adjectives of personalityVocabulary: Expressing likes and dislikes Practical English: Meeting new people
13:00 - 15:00 IELTS PreparationLanguage focus: Ways of looking at the future Vocabulary: Adjective/noun collocationsSpeaking: IELTS part 3, the future Listening: Section 1, note completionReading: Summary completion, multiple choice, short answer questions Vocabulary: Verbs of predictionWriting IELTS task, comparing data
IELTS 21 (IELTS 15 + General English 6)
9:00 - 12:00 IELTS PreparationVocabulary: Sports Listening: Section 3: multiple choice, note and table completionReading: Matching paragraphs, multiple choice Language focus: Adjectives –ing/-ed and prepositionsSpeaking: Test parts 2-3: describing a sporting activity you like doingWriting: Task 1: Selecting and reporting main features of data from a tableLanguage focus: Word building Unit review and consolidation activities
13:00 - 15:00 ElectiveElective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for Business,Elective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for Business,Elective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for Business,


IELTS Preparation & General English 2019
Course Name1-11 Weeks12-23 Weeks24-35 Weeks36+ Weeks
IELTS 23 (General English 15 + IELTS 8)£240£230£220£210
IELTS 21 (IELTS 15 + General English 6)£240£230£220£210


There will be no lessons on the following UK public holidays and there is no discount in fees.

  • 19th April
  • 22nd April
  • 6th May
  • 27th May
  • 26th August

Christmas Holidays Close on 20th December 2019 and re-open on 2nd January 2020

Fees include:

  • Access to Social Programme
  • Access to Free Support Classes (maximum 3 per week)
  • Access to LSe-Learning valid from the start of your course until 6 months after your course finishes
  • Regular progress tests and 1:1 tutorials

Extra Fees:

  • Registration Fee £50
  • Materials Fee £25 (Coursebooks will be provided)
  • CAS Fee £21 (For non-EU students applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) (subject to change)*
  • Courier Fee £75 (For students who require a hard copy of their visa letter for their visa application)*

*these fees are dependent on the type of Visa the student has

Exam Fees (subject to change):

  • IELTS UKVI: £200
  • Academic IELTS (non-SELT): £160



Is there an IELTS class for my level?

We have an IELTS course for all levels from pre-intermediate+

Pre-intermediate level – advanced (CEFR A2 – C1):

  • IELTS 8
  • IELTS 23 (General English 15 + IELTS 8)

Intermediate level – advanced (CEFR B1 – C1):

  • IELTS 8
  • IELTS 23 (General English 15 + IELTS 8)

How much time do I need to study for my IELTS test?

This depends on your level when you start and the score that you are required to achieve.  Generally we advise 8 – 10 weeks study to increase your IELTS score by 0.5 band, for example, from 5.5 to 6. Your progress also depends on other factors such as how much homework you do and how much English you speak outside of class.

What can I do if I find a particular IELTS paper difficult?

Come along to our free practice classes in the study centre. These run from 3-4pm Monday to Thursday.

How can I book my IELTS test?

You can book your test online at You will need a passport or identity card and a bank debit/credit card. We can assist you if you need help completing your booking.

How long are the lessons?

The lessons last for 55 minutes.