In a survey of 60,000 British people the Sunday roast, also known as a Sunday dinner, was voted as their second favourite thing about the country (the bacon sandwich was voted as number one).  It began as a meal to be eaten after church on a Sunday. It is common to a lot of Europe to eat a large meal on a Sunday after church but the roast dinner is especially British.

Our Favourite Roasts in Liverpool:

Camp and Furnace

Greenland Street

(Featured Image) Situated in Liverpool’s coolest neighbourhood this roast has been described as ‘the stuff of legends’ by The Sunday Times. All your favourite roasted meats are put on the tables and carved up by and shared by everyone. If you aren’t full when you’ve finished your roast finish off with one of their huge sticky toffee puddings!

Slim Pork Chop Express

Seel Street

A feast of a Sunday dinner! Choose between beer-can chicken or roasted beef and enjoy with a mountain of Yorkshire puddings and some roasted vegetables. Finish off with a sharing cookie crumble sundae (or don’t share and enjoy it all to yourself!)

The Egg Café


The best vegetarian roast in the city! (or so we think). Enjoy their homemade nut roast served with roast potatoes, sweet potato mash, roast parsnips, broccoli & other vegetables. You can even take your own bottle of wine to enjoy with your veggie Sunday dinner.

The Monro

Duke Street

Their slogan is ‘Real food, not fast food’ and their roast dinners are ‘real good!’ The traditional Georgian bar has a roaring fire and is a perfect place for a traditional British roast dinner. The menu changes each week so there’s always something new to try.

The Buyers Club

Hardman Street

After a lot of research we decided that these are the best Yorkshire puddings in Liverpool! They have a great selection of craft beers and natural wines to accompany your Sunday dinner.


Key Vocabulary:

‘Pigs in blankets’: Sausages wrapped in bacon. These are included in extra special Sunday roasts.

‘Stuffing’: Made from breadcrumbs, herbs, onions and traditionally either pork meat or mushrooms.

‘Gravy’: A brown sauce made from vegetable or meat stock.

‘Yorkshire puddings’: Made from milk, flour and eggs they are cooked in the oven at a high temperature so they create a crispy bowl shape. These are traditionally eaten with beef.

‘Bread sauce’: Made from milk, onions and old bread. This sauce is traditionally eaten with chicken.