Our Marketing Intern, Davide, has written about his experience in our brand new residence, The Ascent. Davide is currently doing a 4 week internship with our Marketing Department as part of our Work Experience for Individuals course.

The Ascent

Are you looking for the perfect accommodation in Liverpool?

Our luxury student accommodation is in Renshaw Street, less than 2 minutes away from Liverpool School of English, in the heart of Liverpool.

The Ascent is an all inclusive student apartment block which offers a lot of facilities:

  • Onsite Gym: You will have no excuse for not training
  • Private Cinema: What about watching a good movie with your friends eating popcorn?
  • Music Room: Are you a musician? There is a room for you!
  • Sauna & Steam Room: The right room to relax your body and your mind!
  • Mega Kitchen & Private Dining: You can invite your friends for a dinner and taste typical foods of the other country
  • Free Breakfast: The perfect way to start your day!
  • 24/7 Free Hot Drinks: A good coffee will help you focus on your studies
  • Games Zone: the room where you can enjoy your free time if it’s raining
  • Lounge
  • Study Rooms: use it responsibly, don’t exaggerate 🙂
  • Library
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Laundry
  • 24hr Concierge

All apartments have a comfortable bedroom, a bathroom, an individual kitchen and a flat screen TV.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet a lot of friends from all over the world to enjoy your time in Liverpool, open your mind and know more about others cultures! (…and improve your english, obviously!).

The Ascent is the perfect place to stay to combine study, relax and fun!

Being in the city centre you have also the possibility to visit easily the main places of Liverpool to have an immersive British experience!

During my stay at The Ascent I’ve met a lot of people from different countries such as Chile, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Panama, Germany, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and the list goes on.

I learnt a lot about their cultures during our talks in the lounge and you can’t image how many differences, but especially how many things in common every country has. I enjoyed cooking Italian dishes for them in the common kitchen and tasting their typical food, it was delicious!

The Staff of The Ascent prepare themed parties for events during the year, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc.

For example, I remember that time when I watched the Super Bowl with my friends in the private cinema and we had grilled meat offered by The Ascent, it was a funny ‘American night’ (not very funny for the New England Patriots supporters maybe..).

It’s also nice to have breakfast with the others people to start every day in the best way and with a smile.

When I have needed help the Staff at the reception gave me a hand to find a solution to my problems, it was very kind of them.

I think I really found a second family during my stay at The Ascent and we are still in contact, it was a good choice.

Follow this link for an amazing virtual tour of The Ascent: www.iconinc.co.uk/popups/tour/ascent/index.html

So, what are you waiting for?