Early 2018:

In all the 811 years of Liverpool’s life, this city has never failed to bring new and exciting things. It truly is the city that keeps on giving! We celebrated the 10 year anniversary of being awarded the prestigious title ‘Capital of Culture’ and 2018 proved that we still wear that title well. We’ve had a fantastic 2018 here at Liverpool School of English. We’ve welcomed so many lovely students from all around the world, made new friends and seen so many people achieve their goals. It’s been a busy year too and we have chosen some of our favourite highlights to share with you.

At the end of February, Liverpool became a winter wonderland when really cold weather came over to the UK from Siberia. The newspapers called it the ‘Beast from the East’. We had a great time building snowmen in -5 degrees temperatures! Many students found it especially exciting as it was the first time seeing snow in their lives!

All eyes were on the World Museum in our Cultural Quarter as the world-famous and stunning Terracotta Warriors from China arrived! Thousands of people made their way to get an up-close look at these fine examples of immaculate history and no one left disappointed!


The BBC came to visit and the school starred in an episode of BBC 1 ‘Right on the Money’ series. They brought a fantastic gentleman, John, to attend and help lead our popular social activity ‘Coffee and Conversation Club’. John has been visually impaired since a child and the BBC was showing him potential jobs he could do to earn some money. He did a great job as an activity leader and there was lots of excitement amongst the students with BBC camera crews and presenter buzzing about!


As Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, celebrating the Chinese New Year is always a big deal! We were treated to an incredible weekend full of parades and dances and a breath-taking light show projected on our famous Chinese Arch which told old Chinese fables.

Kuwaiti National Day was a huge deal at the Liverpool School of English. All our students got involved to share the celebration with our wonderful Kuwaiti students. A great feast was prepared and our Common Room was full of laughter and excitement as we were treated to songs and performances by our Kuwaiti students. An unforgettable celebration!


We always know spring time has arrived when the city celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! With such a huge Irish heritage in Liverpool, this day is a great cause of good cheer! A lot of students enjoyed following the famous Paddy Parade through the streets and partying all day long!

Mother’s Day was a lovely opportunity for our students who are far from home and family to express their love to their mothers across the world. We created a fun video with a group of our students to record in their own language a Happy Mother’s Day message! Check it out!


The students all got tutored by their fellow student from Japan in the beautiful art of Japanese calligraphy! It was so much fun for all of us who participated. It just goes to show how rich the experience is of different cultures coming together and learning from each other.


Then summer arrived and we even got a real heat wave to enjoy! The sun was shining brightly over Liverpool and one and all enjoyed this immensely. Other than sunshine, we had many other reasons to be happy. The World Cup got more than just football fans excited, we saw the city with a first semi-final appearance in 28 years and only the third in English history! Every year the city puts on a fantastic Liverpool International Music Festival with world famous artists performing as we welcomed the likes of Aurora, Basement Jaxx and Wiley this 2018. Beatle Week has been a cause of pride in our city and this year was no different as it drew masses of people into the city to celebrate our musical treasure – The Beatles!

As you will know, summer is always our busy time at school and this year we reached the highest number of students we’ve ever had studying with us, what an achievement! Alongside the main school, our Liverpool International Summer School joins. We ran four sites of junior summer school and welcomed 14 different nationalities of young learners! The students had a great time with their interactive Passport to Liverpool workbooks which led them through activities in and outside of the classroom and meaning they had the best souvenir to keep and bring home of all their learning and experiences in Liverpool!


As we said goodbye to summer, we said goodbye to another joyous thing. The world-famous ‘Giants’ visited Liverpool for the very last time. To describe this experience as anything less than magical would not be enough. Thousands upon thousands were awestruck by the sheer beauty of craftsmanship that these Giants portrayed and were inspired by the stories they told. Our city has been privileged to host these utter wonders.

Firework night was as revolutionary as ever, with the amazing artistic installations all along the Mersey created by local artists. Whilst the firework display itself prompted all the deserved ‘ooh’ and ‘awh’-ing, we were able to admire stunning displays of art with them. 



Christmas time always comes around faster than we expect! Like everyone else, we can hardly believe all that has happened this past year but we know it has been good! One big highlight was welcoming Membership Services Director, Huan Japes, from English UK. He presented us an exciting presentation touching on all the things to look toward in the coming year and it was an honour to host him! Of course, the festive fun was another cause of excitement and we were proud to raise money for the wonderful ‘Save a Child’s Life’ charity during our Christmas Jumper Day! We have been supporting this charity many years and it is very close to our heart. Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without carols and we love them so much we had two separate carol singing events! One was led by our students and another by our staff. I think the students outdid themselves learning all those words and it was such a pleasure to enjoy.