Our Work Experience course is a great introduction to the world of employment and helps prepare students for their future careers. On this course students are able to develop their English language skills whilst gaining valuable work experience to add to their C.V.

Part 1: Your language course

You begin your programme with a General English + English for Business course. The minimum course length is 1 week but most students book 2 weeks or more. Our General English with English for Business will help to activate your English and increase your ability to communicate with confidence. You will be prepared to use English in the real-life context of your work placement.

Part 2: Your Work Placement

Your language course is followed by your work placement. You can choose the length of the work placement to fit around your needs and availability. The minimum number of weeks for work placement is 2 but most students book more.

We work in partnership with over 100 businesses in Liverpool so that students are able to gain work experience in their field of choice. The types of the industries are very diverse and include:

• Hospitality • Retail • Business administration • IT • Architecture • Beauty

• Science and Microbiology • Engineering • Child and Social Care


During your course you will receive pastoral support from our dedicated Work Experience Manager. You will attend a weekly meeting with them in the school as well as a meeting at your place of work to support you in your progression.


Applications for this course are required at least 12 weeks before your start date. The placement will be found once the registration fee has been paid. We ask that you provide your choice of industry on application so that we can match you with the business most relevant to your needs. Before you arrive you may be asked to complete some tasks which will ensure that you are fully prepared for your time on the programme.

Please be aware that work placements are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee a placement in your chosen field(s). Students with a lower level than B1 will not be accepted on the course.


Our Work Experience course is also available to groups, in this case we are able accept students from the age of 15+. Please contact for more information and prices.


Work Experience
9:00 - 12:00 General EnglishVocabulary: Food and cooking. Listening and Speaking: Food and Eating.Listening and Speaking: Restaurants. Grammar: Present simple and continuous.Vocabulary and Speaking: Family. Grammar: Future forms.Pronunciation: Sentence stress. Vocabulary: Adjectives of personality.Vocabulary: Expressing likes and dislikes. Practical English: Meeting new people.
13:00 - 17:00 ElectiveElective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for BusinessElective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for BusinessElective Option Choose from: Communication Skills, Live Liverpool, Academic Skills, English for Business


Weeks 1

  • Classes
  • £220

Week 2

  • Internship
  • Placement Fee: £215+
  • Weekly Monitoring Fee: £60

Week 3 

  • Internship
  • Weekly Monitoring Fee: £60 per week

Fees include:

  • Access to Social Programme
  • Access to Free Support Classes (maximum 3 per week)
  • Access to LSe-Learning valid from the start of your course until 6 months after your course finishes
  • Regular progress tests and 1:1 tutorials
  • A monitoring visit at your work placement
  • A weekly meeting at school with our Work Experience Manager

Extra Fees:

  • Registration Fee £50
  • Materials Fee £25 (Coursebooks will be provided)
  • CAS Fee £21 (For non-EU students applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) (subject to change)*
  • Courier Fee £75 (For students who require a hard copy of their visa letter for their visa application)*

*these fees are dependent on the type of Visa the student has


There will be no lessons on the following UK public holidays and there is no discount in fees.

  • 30th March
  • 2nd April
  • 7th May
  • 28th May
  • 27th August


I can’t see the industry that I want to work in, am I able to do a placement in something different?

Yes we have over 100 business contacts in Liverpool and are always developing new ones so please contact with your enquiry.

What’s the minimum and maximum that I can do the work placement for?

The minimum is 2 weeks and the maximum is 1 year.

What hours will I work during my placement?

It’s up to 35 hours per week. These are generally 9am-5pm however this may change dependant on the industry.

What is the dress code for the placement?

You will be informed before arrival what the dress code is for your place of work. It is normally a smart dress code however this may change depending on the industry.