This programme is designed for non-native speakers of English in primary, secondary or adult teaching contexts. It is ideal for teachers who teach English as a second language or teachers who want to teach their own subject in English. This course has been designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning. Our expert teacher trainers have extensive teaching experience in the UK and abroad.

Our CLIL course covers the following key areas:

  • Language and background to language learning
  • CLIL lesson planning and use of resources
  • Methodology and techniques
  • Teaching Target Structures through CLIL
  • Materials design and adaptation
  • Subject-based vocabulary teaching

On the last day of the course you have the opportunity to take The University of Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) CLIL module.

We can offer this course at other times for groups of 10 or more students. Please contact for more information.

Please contact our teacher trainers to find out more.


Teacher Development Course with CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning)
9am - 12pmInduction and course outline with school orientation.TKT: Pre-course tasks and terminology.CPD: Observation of LSE teachers.CPD: Music in the classroom. TKT (CLIL): Lesson Planning.CPD: Observation of LSE teachers.TKT (CLIL): Classroom Language. Scaffolding content and language learning.
1pm - 4pmTKT (CLIL): Aims of CLIL and rationale. Language across the curriculum.Reflection on observations. TKT (CLIL): Learner needs and motivations. Cognitive and learning skills.TKT (CLIL): Language demands of subject content. Resources including multi-media and visual organisers.Reflection on observations. TKT (CLIL): Materials selection and adaptation. Activity types.TKT (CLIL): Developing learning strategies.CPD: Technology in the classroom.


Teacher Development Course with CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning)

  • £285 per week

Fees include:

Extra Course Fees:

  • Registration Fee £50
  • The examination fees are £30 per module (subject to change)
  • CAS Fee (For non-EU students applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) £21 (subject to change) *
  • Courier Fee £75 (For students who require a hard copy of their visa letter for their visa application) *

*these fees are dependent on the type of Visa the student has


Do I have to take the exam at the end of the course?

No, you can just complete the course and still receive a certificate of attendance from the school. The course is quite centred on the exam so we do recommend it

Is there a practical teaching element to the course?

Yes, you will prepare and teach a CLIL lesson on a subject of your choice to our international students. In the past teachers have delivered lessons in art, history, social studies and health

Do you focus ONLY on passing the TKT-CLIL exam?

No, we also have CPD (Continuing Professional Development) sessions on the course which are related to other aspects of teaching, for example using music or technology in the classroom. There are also observations of teachers here at the school to take ideas from to promote discussion and analysis of teaching techniques

Is the course suitable for Erasmus+ funding?

Yes, the school is registered with Erasmus+ and we have a PIC number. Please see our funding page for more details