The Cambridge First Certificate in English demonstrates an upper-intermediate level of English (CEFR B2 level). It is recognised internationally by employers, colleges and universities as proof that you can independently use English well enough to live and work in a English speaking country or study on a course taught in English.

This intensive course is full time examination preparation for 30 lessons per week for 4 weeks. The aim of the course is to prepare you as fully as possible for the examination. Our qualified teachers will ensure you know how approach each question type and have had plenty of practice in each of the exam papers. You will follow a course book and be provided with additional learning materials. You will be expected to complete 1-2 hours of homework per day.

These are:

  • Reading and Use of English
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

You will complete regular practice tests and receive detailed feedback on your progress from your teacher throughout the course.

Taking the Exam

The Liverpool School of English is a Cambridge exam centre so you can take the exam here at the end of your course. All parts of the exam will take in place in the final week of your course.  The exam fee is currently £120 though subject to change.


When you apply to take a Cambridge Examination course, we will send you a pre-test to check that you are at the right level for the course. If you are unsure of your level and would like to take a quick test to give you a general indication, you can do so here.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am-12pm Exam Preparation Vocabulary: Nature and animals. Listening: Animals and humans. Grammar: The grammar of phrasal verbs. Use of English: Word formation (Paper 1, part 3). Speaking: Comparing photographs (Paper 4, part 2). Vocabulary: Key word – ‘look’ Vocabulary: Books and films. Listening: Multiple choice (Paper 3, part 4) Vocabulary: Key word – ‘thing’. Vocabulary: Descriptive verbs. Grammar: Narrative tenses. Integrated skills: Video – ‘Sleepy Hollow’. Speaking: Giving suggestions and opinions.
1pm-4pm Exam Preparation Reading: Multiple matching (Paper 1, part 7). Speaking: Points of view. Writing: An essay (Paper 2, part 1). Exam Practice. Reading: Multiple choice (Paper 1, part 5). Exam Practice. Speaking: Swapping stories (Paper 4, part 4). Writing: A short story (Paper 2, part 2). Practice test: Paper 2 – Writing. Review.


Cambridge FCE Preparation 30 (Intensive)

  • £1360

Fees include:

  • All course books and materials
  • International Student Insurance
  • Access to the LSe-Learning online platform to keep developing your skills outside the classroom. This is valid for one year from the start of the course.
  • Access to our fantastic Social Programme (please see page for prices)
  • Access to a wide range of free support classes (maximum 3 per week)
  • Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course
  • Mid-course 1 to 1 tutorial with your main course teacher

Extra Course Fees:

  • Registration Fee £50
  • Examination fee is £120 (subject to change)
  • CAS Fee (For non-EU students applying for a Tier 4 General Student Visa) £21 (subject to change) *
  • Courier Fee £75 (For students who require a hard copy of their visa letter for their visa application) *

*these fees are dependent on the type of Visa the student has


How long are the lessons?

Lessons last for 55 minutes

Can I do the course without the exam?

Yes, if you want to do the course only that is possible

I can’t do the dates stated, is it possible to study the Cambridge FCE Preparation 30 (Intensive) at any other time?

We only offer this course during June and July. If you are unable to do these dates we would recommend studying one of our other Cambridge FCE Preparation course which run at other times throughout the year. If you have a group who are interested in studying this course at another time please contact our Groups Department